What I Offer

The main thing my clients experience from working with me is becoming unstuck and obtaining more fulfillment in their lives.

They get that through a variety of ways, all centered around being able to access more and more of their intuition.

I feel into the vibes to provide what it is my clients need from me, whether that is advice from the universe, guided meditations, yoga cues, lessons, or any other activities that get revealed to me.

I do not try to make anyone squeeze into a one-size-fits-all system, but instead offer what each client specifically needs in each moment.

It is about being of service to YOU.

No Outside Influence

My journey into my psychic gifts was not because I wanted to access psychic abilities or tried to get in touch with my intuition.

I did not study any self-help or metaphysical books or take any intuition or psychic classes.

My entire journey has been one of trying my best to follow the breadcrumbs.

So I know just how hard it is to see these breadcrumbs in the first place.

I do not use any cards, pendulums, crystals, or any other assistance to access my gifts, although on occasion I will pull cards if I am led to do so.

Working With Clients

When working with clients, I share what is in their highest and greatest good to hear.

I recognize that, as a human, my ability to feel into the vibes properly only goes as far as I’ve developed my skills so I constantly check in with my clients to make sure nothing is off base.

At the same time, I devote every possible moment to further honing these skills so that I can show up as fully and authentically as possible.

This means you won’t get any pressure from me to do anything.

I also do my best to allow my clients to feel as empowered and safe as they can with me.

My Philosophy

I have been on a journey of recognizing and letting go of any belief systems developed as a result of others.

So far, this has led me to a non-dualistic perspective on life. This helps me experience life fully and wholly, and with acceptance.

It has also shown me that we are not actually separate from one another. I do not teach things that involve furthering the belief of separation, such as energetic shields.

I also teach that everything we experience is exactly that - OUR experience - and not something that happens TO us.


I always honor the guidance that I receive, and I apply this to every aspect of my life, down to the tiniest detail.

I take care to share what shows up, unfiltered by my own thoughts or feelings.

My Personality

Everything I do is shared in a compassionate, grounded, and no-nonsense type of way.

I love laughing and making jokes, so that may show up as well. I have a sassy, New York type of humor so it’s hard to offend me. I love a good ribbing. It’s my love language.

And from what others have told me, I tend to “keep it real” while also being kind.

"Thank you so much!

After our session my brain has been on rapid fire and not in an exhausting way but just opening up my creative flow! Our session opened up bigger doors and possibilities."


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