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Easy peasy.

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"You’ve got a true gift and not just like ‘gift.’

Just the gift of making things approachable for others and educating and having patience and compassion and bringing others into their gifts without forcing them. I’m all amped up on how great that was. It shows how much you care throughout everything you do. So so so incredible. Thank you again. Dang … Spot freaking on! I’m blown away."


"Your gifts have been extremely valuable in both my personal life and business.

I feel like for the first time in my life I can actually trust my intuition instead of my head and my heart having a battle all the time about every decision or path I may take. I have learned to balance the control and surrender to life and follow my sacral authority."


"This AMAZING woman right here!

I just had a fabulous life changing reading from her! Her channeling abilities blew my mind and she has helped me process some serious trauma. Today, she helped me with my growth game even more! Y’all know, if I’m telling you about someone, then you need to check them out! Well… CHECK OUT VICKI! She is very much the real deal and can help you tremendously!"


One-on-One Sessions

You want to make lasting, soul-deep changes but don’t know how to get there.

Maybe you feel stuck somewhere.

Or maybe psychic guidance is just calling you right now.

Whatever it is, we can come up with a plan together for you.

"Our session yesterday was sooo good.

I got several messages this morning that I’m going to hold onto. I’ve done what you recommended and it really gets me ready to receive in a way that I’ve never been able to before and I feel more trusting of myself and the process.

I always feel better, more whole, more centered, in more of my power during and after our sessions."


"Thank you so much for that session today!

I got off there thinking that this is how I want my clients to feel! That you have a special gift and you are 100% worth the $! I had no doubts about booking another session! Wow!"


"Words can’t express how I feel coming out of a session with Vicki.

I’m just so grateful to have you in my corner to guide me back into my own power. I came to you with a heavy heart and clouded thoughts and left feeling like I could breathe and see clearly again."


Classes and Workshops

Currently taking a hiatus from offering classes and workshops.

You can still check out the previous classes on my YouTube channel.

"I would like to acknowledge Vicki for the courage to speak publicly an intuitive insight she read in me.

She is a model to fulfill, that of speaking out intuitive insights to others with the courage to have faith that the dark cave we reveal to them is one from the divine connection. Because of Vicki, I dove into that dark cave with my tears that are rivers of light. And today, I’m a brighter light because of it."


"I attended a workshop and left TRANSFORMED.

Highly encourage attending Vicki’s workshops if you haven’t had the chance."


"I got so much out of today.

Found my breakthrough. Thank you magical goddess!"


Intuition Class

Free weekly online classes - LIVE!

Recordings of previous classes are on my YouTube channel

Click below to join (link opens new window)

"Vicki is one of the most plugged in, tuned in, turned on heart-centered healers and speakers I’ve ever had the privilege of collaborating with or witnessing.

Her intuitive insights are incisive, impactful, and illuminating."


"I can vouch for Vicki, she’s literally the most powerful psychic I’ve ever known, and her intuitive gifts are invaluable!

You’ve changed my life in so many miraculous ways!"


"Wow! I really appreciate you and your gifts.

Seriously, there wasn’t one thing that I was like hmmm, no that’s off or idk what she’s talking about lol. Everything you said really felt right and true for me. I was just telling a friend about your psychic readings and how the advice felt very “on-point”, grounded and comforting. There was nothing reckless about it and it didn’t give me mainstream psychic vibes (for lack of better words, lol)! The information was definitely what I needed to hear and also resonated with what I have been feeling but also having a hard time putting into words."


"You are such a powerful gift, and your presentations of the stage rock.

Your energy was clear, without choosing sides and your words resonated strongly with my core. It was powerful to hear you say with such simplicity and clarity, that the partner I had over 1 year ago, was simply not a match with my Being and energy. You saw how ending it was such a catalyst to where I am today. You provide a safe container for people to align with clarity."


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